VS200 running ASW v3.4.1 (Draft & incomplete)

Power Up:

Check Antivibration table legs - There should be a ~3 to ~7 mm gap between top of metal ring and bottom to rubber ring at each leg.  Adjust red knob(s) 1/8th of a turn and wait ~30 seconds and then recheck gap. 

Start VS200 ASW 200 software


Home Screen:

Clean objective if previous use included any slides with immersion oil (currently unlikely)
Otherwise choose "Yes"
("No" can also be chosen to change trays)




Exchange Trays:

Note correct orientation of 6 slide tray

Load clean slides with coverslip up & slide label to the back

Insert tray gently into hotel and push tray to left (THIS IS IMPORTANT!)


Note: 40X Objective Correction Collar:

Use the "Clean objectives" to access the 40x objective inside the smaller box to the left

Set to 0.17 (mm) for #1.5 coverslips



Select Batch Scan:






Scan Project:

Select "Brightfield"

Click on first Tray in left hand column of numbers

Skip to Gallery - unless many trays in hotel need to be excluded. Then use "Tray" selection

Select Gallery

Select Brightfield | Fluorescence | Special













Select slides

left_click on 1st slide, hold shift, left_click on last slide 

&/or  control +left_mouse_click to toggle slide selection on or off 

chosen a project to apply project to selected slides



Hit "Edit scan settings" to get to overview mode


Overview mode:




+Naming and Saving

+Slide properties

+Scan Area Creation and Sample Detection



Check through and change if necessary:



"Scan Label"








Choose object magnification

If 40x check that correction collar is set to correct coverslip thickness (usually 0.17 mm)

Z-planes - usually "Normal" (one plane)







Focus Method: - "Prefocus"

Focus position density: "Normal"

Non-sample regions during detail scan: "Include in Scan"  off | on | Include in Focusing






-Naming and Saving

Mostly leave as is

Directory: - set as required. Suggest use D: drive directory







-Slide properties



Set "Slide Name" to a value.  Note can change in "Detail" mode after scanning slide labels using label information






-Scan Area Creation and Sample Detection (Can setup defaults now. But can mostly adjust in "Details" mode later)

Scan Area creation

Sample Detection



If settings should be applied to all slides (e.g. if change any of above from what is setup in chosen Project)

Select and highlight slide which has been setup (probably already chosen)

"Identical Settings"


Start Scan (acquires  overviews) & will end up in -> Detail Mode




Detail Mode:









Can change object mag here

Can change |Z-planes" here








Optionally can change settings








+Naming and Saving

Optionally can change settings








+Slide Properties - can change Slide name and other slide properties (new in version 3.4.1)

Optionally can change settings

Can change slide name for each slide based on information in label scans







For each slide:

Check/set Scan areas









Do Focus maps for each slide

Remove focus square which are over nothing (machine cannot focus on nothing. 

Move/remove focus square which are not fill to ~50% with tissue

Could change "Include in Scan" to on or "Include in Focusing" to on






Start Scan


scanning in progress

Can check scans by double clicking on slide when scan completed or even during scan

Click on "Return to scanning"

Can open "Open Log File" to check on slide scan completion progress





Finish Mode:

(again) Can check scans by double clicking on slide when scan completed or even during scan

Hit Home on lower right when done.









Fluorescence notes are yet to be created for ASW 3.4.1

Note instructions in green are for fluorescence and can be skipped for transmitted light imaging