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Mapping a Drive Letter to CF storage space on the School of Medicine Server

Quick Guide:

Detailed Guide:


Detail Instructions:

Open a "Computer" window  or hold down the windows-key and press the letter E  

Or click on "Computer" on an already open "Computer" window


Click on "Map network drive"


Choose a drive letter. e.g. Z:

Enter a resource "Folder" - e.g. \\\med\cf

Check "Reconnect at logon" (feature now blocked by ITS/OIS)

Check "Connect using different credentials" (Important!)

Click "Finish"


Note "Domain: BIBBLE" means domain has defaulted to the incorrect BIBBLE domaon and needs to be overridden by AD\ before your Onyen name


Enter your-onyen

Don't forget the domain "ad\" before your your-onyen (note that "Domain: BIBBLE" changes to "Domain: ad")

Enter your Onyen password

Check "Remember my credentials"


You will be able to click & browse into to the shares that you have permissions for

Note this mapping is a little different in that it is to the parent directory of Groups, Shared & Users to a single drive letter (Z: in this example) 

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