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How to Change Your MHmicroscopy Domain Password (including for \\minsky)

How to Change Your MHmicroscopy domain password if you know your password, and it can be recently expired!  Contact Michael for support.


Sign on at the keyboard of a computer listed below.  If your password is expired you will be prompted for a new password as you sign in.

If it has not expired simply sign in, press Control+Alt+Delete then select "Change a password".  The old password needs to be provided along with a new one twice.

Location System MHmicroscopy computers Domain   Remote Desktop Program    
7222 Marsico Hall VS200 \\Nomarksi MHmicroscopy*    
7222 Marsico Hall Fiji  (c. Qupath) \\Fiji MHmicroscopy*    
7228A Marsico Hall Leica confocal \\Laplace MHmicroscopy*
7228B Marsico Hall VS120 \\Montage MHmicroscopy    
6024 Thurston Bowles Upright scope \\hamilton or \\farnsworth MHmicroscopy*    
7222 Marsico Hall Kenichi workstation \\ MHmicroscopy
7222 Marsico Hall Visiophram workstation \\ MHmicroscopy    
1100 Marsico Hall, 7230 MH Lab workstations \\     (Chen lab. only) MHmicroscopy        
* By the way someone else can be logged on at the the computers above when you change your  password. Probably best to ask the logged in person politely for permission before you use the computer console.
password can be reset remotely if you have explicit permission to remote desktop to these computers (request for remote access can made to Michael) 

Remote Desktop Program

If You Have Forgotten Your Password or need assistance:

Please contact Michael in order to have your password manually updated to a new one, or to arrange a time to come by to secretly enter a new password. At your request a temporary password will be issued, and it will be up to you to change it later to a private password.  Please note:

Remote Desktop Program

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