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Nikon TE2000U  Dual mode / Time lapse


This high performance widefield microscope system can perform complex and rapid acquisition tasks such as time lapse, fura-2 and other ratio imaging, and red light DIC with fluorescence (dual mode).  Optical modes of operations are transmitted light, DIC (Nomarski), Phase contrast & Fluorescence.  A good sensitivity CCD camera with good excitation for fluorescence (when the liquid light guide is in good condition).  See Leo lab. about using  this microscope.

Historical information: Similar Michael Hooker Microscopy Facility scope system was on the \\Morpheus computer.  

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Powering up: - (if everything is off)


Setting up for transmitted light imaging
--> If transmitted illumination is not required then go to "for fluorescence only" below

Setting up for fluorescence light imaging

Dual imaging head setup for Fura-2 and transmitted light imaging

We can setup for Fura-2 & CFP & YFP at your request.  E.g. see this ref. J. Physiology 589, 2437

Open this section only for printing: Acquiring Images Using SimplePCI with the DVC-1412 or DVC-1312


Powering down

Equipment Information



Filter Switchers


Dual imaging head

        Dichroic wheel positions:

  1. 100% to camera on Morpheus computer
  2. 100% to camera on Wheatstone computer
  3. Fura-2 dichroic for dual mode imaging
    Dual imaging head setup for Fura-2 and transmitted light imaging
  4. 100% to camera on Wheatstone computer


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