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Image Processing  Workstation - FIJI

Location: 7119 Marsico Hall

Marsico Lung Institute

0.  Notices:

1.  Introduction:

This workstation has mostly freeware image processing software, e.g.:

  • ImageJ/FIJI
  • QuPath
  • OlyVIA 4.1.1 or later
  • LAS X 3.6 (older version which runs on Windows 11)
  • ImageScope (Aperio viewer)
  • Any requests?  Ask Michael
  • Not VisioPharm which has been transferred to a new computer
  •  2.  Notes:

    3. Operating the system:

    4.  First time use (new user):

    5.  Known Bugs:

    6.  Reporting Problems:

    7.  Dealing with software crashes:


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