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Olympus VS200  - Virtual Slide Scanner

 Location: Marsico Hall

File Storage:

Introduction: To help with data file management some practices are being implemented.  These practices will make data files more easily available to VS200/VS120 users at a server location which is accessible on campus the network. 

Overview: In order to backup users' data files on the D: drive of the Olympus VS200 scanner will be copied to the data server \\\vs200 nightly at ~4 AM.  This will make files on the D: drive of the VS200 system available on the \\\vs200 server the next day.  The files on the server are accessible over the network using the usual shared directory mapping procedures and an mhmicroscopy domain account. Thus it will not be necessary to be at the VS200 system to access data on the next day after scanning.

What is being done?

What are the data implications for users?

What are the limitations?

What will be done with data on the D: drive?

What users can do to help with data management?

General Data Storage Notes


Last Updated: 2023-10-19