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Image Processing Workstation - Zernike


Location: 6129 Thurston Bowles


Image Processing Workstations:  Schott  |  Brewster  |  Nomarski  |  Snell



The PC computer called \\ZERNIKE and functions as a general purpose image processing workstation specialized for 64 bit applications and high capacity OpenGL graphics processing.  Various specialized and general purpose image processing software is installed on it.  Current 64 bit applications is Volocity.


Users may logon to, or connect to network shares on, this computer using their MHmicroscopy account name and password.  To login to this computer provide your username, password and domain (MHmicroscopy).  Other users will have to have account access setup by Michael or Neal

Data Storage:

Users are requested to save their data in a named directory on the D:\ drive (\\Zernike\users1) or the file server, \\MINSKY.  This directory is shared on the Microsoft Windows Network as \\Zernike\Users1.  Access to this shared directory over the network requires an account on the MHmicroscopy domain.  (Not on the Cystic_Fibrosis or other domains).  See Michael for more information.


Image Processing Workstations:  Schott  |  Brewster  |  Nomarski  |  Snell

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